AGATA Uppsala

Here is a brief list of our previous and current activities within the AGATA project:

  • Analysis (A. Gengelbach) of data from the 170Dy experiment performed at INFN-LNL in 2011
  • Spokesperson (J. Nyberg) of the 102Sn AGATA+NEDA+NWALL+DIAMANT experiment E703 run at GANIL in 2018
  • Co-pokesperson (J. Nyberg) of the 168Dy AGATA+FATIMA experiment E705 run at GANIL in 2017
  • Member of the AGATA Management Board (J. Nyberg, 2002-2014 and from 2021)
  • AGATA spokesperson and chair of the AGATA Collaboration Council (J. Nyberg, 2014-2017)
  • Hosting the AGATA website