Plans for 2018

At the end of 2017, the Neutron Wall will be moved to GANIL for experiments with AGATA and NEDA.


The Neutron Wall was moved to INFN-LNL at the end of 2014 for experiments with the GALILEO setup at LNL in 2015-2017.

October 2014

The 96Cd experiment at GANIL (E623, B. Cederwall et al.) was run in October 2014.

July 2014

Preparations for the coming 96Cd experiment in Oct 2014 are being done at GANIL. Measurements of the number of photoelectron per MeV and of the neutron gamma discrimination properties of all neutron detector units as well as a survey of the electronics will be performed. An update of the results of these measurements will be posted here later.

June 2014

The brochure Gammpool 10 Years was published. It contains a section about the Neutron Wall. The brochure can be downloaded from the Gammapool website:

February 2014

The Neutron Wall ELOG, which has been down since Sep 2006, is now back online at this URL: Please register as a new user if you want access the ELOG.

Activities in 2012

Two EXOGAM + DIAMANT + Neutron Wall experiments were scheduled to be run in 2012. As a preparation for these experiments, the neutron detectors and the front-end electronics were checked and tested in Jan-Feb 2012. A commissioning run, 40Ca (120-130 MeV) + 58Ni with the EXOGAM + DIAMANT + Neutron Wall setup, was performed 13-15 of June. The first experiment, to study high-spin states in 23Mg and 23Na (E615, S. Lenzi et al.), was run 30 June to 6 July. The second experiment, studies of excited states in 96Cd (E623, B. Cederwall et al.) was supposed to be run 9-23 July. There were problems with the accelerator and only about 2 days of beam time could be used. The 96Cd experiment will be re-scheduled to run later.

Summer and autumn 2011

Plans for the upgrading of the Neutron Wall front-end electronics has started. The electronics will be fully digital and based on the digitiser board NUMEXO2 (a 16 ch single width NIM unit with 250 MS/s, 14 bit FADCs), which is developed for EXOGAM2. The new electronics has been partly funded. The planning of the next EXOGAM + DIAMANT + Neutron Wall campaign has started. Two experiments will be performed at GANIL in 2012. Tests of the Neutron Wall detectors and electronics will be performed in Jan-Feb 2012, in-beam commissioning of the full setup in May 2012. The experiments are planned to be run in June-July 2012. Time schedules are still preliminary.

6 January 2011

The 92Pd paper appears in Nature: Evidence for a spin-aligned neutron–proton paired phase from the level structure of 92Pd, B. Cederwall et al. Nature 469, 68-71 (06 January 2011)

22 December 2010

The 92Pd paper appears online in Nature.

2 November 2010

The paper on 92Pd with results from an EXOGAM + DIAMANT + Neutron Wall experiment, which performed at GANIL in October 2009, was accepted as a Letter in Nature.

Earlier news

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